Once upon a time there was a little girl who lived in the big city. She loved all things art. Then she grew up and did grown up stuff. One day she found herself on her own small farm surrounded by llamas and sheep. Oh my she said now I can try all things wool. So she did and found felting was fun and needle felting was the very best! The end. Tina Etter

Tina has been needle felting for a long time. She teaches and vends at many local and out of state fiber shows. She teaches a variety of items ranging from her very popular “Crazy Chickens” to “Peas and Carrots” and a range of animals ranging from sheep to bunnies.

Tina is now teaching at The Basket Sampler! Please call Kathy to arrange a time and a project.

Class fee includes: Fiber needed to complete project and your very own felting needle. Use of incidental class supplies including a felting pad. Additional supplies maybe available for purchase. Class fees and times vary depending on the project. A mimium of 2 people are required for a class.

PLEASE NOTE: Needle felting does use sharp needles, and requires repetitive motions. Before signing up children under 12, please consider the individual's skills

Crazy Chickens

Basket with Peas and Carrots


Frog Hat

Sea Hat