The Basket Sampler offers group classes in a variety of settings. We have had several different groups in the shop: 4H kids, Hobby Clubs, and other small groups. We have also traveled off site to schools, Senior Centers, Church groups, and private homes. A variety of classes have been done in these venues. Contact Kathy to inquire about schedule and costs.

Bread Basket

Kids Basket

Braided Market Basket

Geranium Basket

Candy Cane Basket

Cookie Basket

Berry Basket

Cross Stitch Tote

Inkle Band Tote

Bread Basket

Medium Market Basket

Medium Market Basket 2

Heart Elbow Basket

Mail Basket

Pencil Basket

Seagrass Planter Basket

Medium Storage Basket

Bucket Basket

Waste Basket

Tote Basket

Wine Tote or Utensil Basket

Philodendron Basket

Pumpkin Basket

Snowman Basket

Tall Striped Basket

Tree Basket

Twill Storage Basket


Wall Basket